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Hymbas MPS FIR Mat Review

Who Is Hymbas

Hymbas is a reseller of health and wellness products. It has been in business for fifteen years. They say that they are dedicated to improving the lives of their customers through innovative and effective products. They are not a manufacturer of health products. They are what I would call a reseller or a distributor. One of the products they sell is a Rife machine and another is an FIR mat.

What Rife machine?

A Rife machine is a type of alternative medical device. It uses low-energy electromagnetic waves to treat various health conditions. It is named after its inventor, Dr. Royal Raymond Rife. He developed the technology in the early 20th century. The Rife machine is based on the concept of resonance. It involves sending specific frequencies to the body.  Which he claimed destroyed harmful microorganisms or cancer cells. And it was his thought that it could help treat a range of health issues, including infections, chronic pain, and cancer. 

But, the medical community for the most part did not agree with him. So it is not accepted as a standard medical practice. For that reason, I would suggest you look at a PEMF device instead, there is plenty of medical research that shows that it is effective.

Details of Hymbas MPS FIR Mat 

Hymbas classifies its mat as a heating pad that uses Far InfraRed technology. It is a small mat, only 17″x27.5″. It uses active carbon fibers to generate the FIR. The price of this mat is $450. There is no free trial or mention of a return policy. NOTE – this is not a PEMF Mat.

How Does It Compare to Other Mats

The price is extremely high compared to other mats. For example, the HealthlyLine TAO-Mat® Small 1818 Soft InfraMat Pro® is much cheaper. It is only 18×18″ but the price is $149 and includes PEMF, Negative ION, Hot Gem, and FIR therapies. 

In fact, for less than one hundred dollars, you can get a Healthyline 40″ x 18 mat with all the same therapies as the small mat I just mentioned.

The HealthyLine mats use amethyst,  tourmaline, and obsidian crushed gemstones which are more expensive than carbon fibers.

My Recommendations

I would be a little hesitant to order the MIP FIR mat. First, the company sells a Rife product that medical professionals say the technology does not work. I would assume if they wanted to sell this product they would produce more facts that it works.

Next, the FIR mat they sell is way too expensive compared to other mats on the market. And the other mats I mentioned above have included several other therapies with their products.

And the other products I think, use materials that are much more expensive to produce.

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