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  • Bemer is trademark BEMER INTERNATIONAL AG
  • BioBalance is a trademark of BIOBALANCE HEALTH, L.L.C.
  • Ereada Compact is a trademark of Ereada Corp
  • Healthy Wave is a trademark of Innovative Ionizing Technologies Inc.
  • iMRS 2000 and iMRS Omnium1 no trademark found
  • MagnaWave B2 no trademark found
  • Medithera no trademark found
  • Miramate Big Magic no trademark found
  • MIRAMATE trademark by Rong Li
  • Omni Full no trademark found
  • Parmeds Home no trademark found
  • Pulsed Harmonix trademark by PIEMF, LLC
  • QRS trademark by QRS International AG
  • Sedona Pro trademark by Nutranext Direct, LLC
  • Tesla Lafit Plus 2 no trademark found
  • Vasindux Home MRSY trademark by PEMF Supply, LLC
  • ALMAG 01 trademark by JSC “Yelatma Instrument-making enterprise”
  • AMP Coil trademark by Bigelow, Aaron
  • BioCharger NG trademark by Advanced Biotechnologies, LLC
  • Earth Pulse v6 Pro trademark by Becker, Paul Frederick
  • EPAD trademark by MAS medizinische Produkt Handel GmbH
  • FlexPulse trademark by High Tech Wellness LLC
  • HARMONY trademark by MindRhythm, Inc.
  • MR7 no trademark found
  • MediCrystal trademark by MediCrystal LLC
  • Oska trademark by Oska, Inc.
  • SOTA Magnetic Pulse trademark by SOTA INSTRUMENTS INC.
  • TeslaFit Duo no trademark found
  • Mag 1000 no trademark found
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