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Now you have gone through our website, you must have certain questions for us. Here is a list of some of the answers to the most frequently asked questions that you might have. Hope this can provide you with some peace of mind and help you make a better decision when choosing the perfect Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy device.

This is the question I contemplated before I purchase my 1st PEMF mat. I studied a lot of mats and did a lot of research. I guess it was my electrical engineering background that caused me to go into this huge research project.

But, ultimately the answer may shock you. It is very simple, the one you use! What? Just think of this. How many people buy really great exercise equipment only to have it sit and gather dust? That equipment does them no good no matter the quality of the product.

The same is with a PEMF mat, you must use it before it can help you. That is why I chose a PEMF Chair model. I use it while, working, reading or watching TV. And guess what? It worked. I use it almost every night. And it has helped me immensely. Here is the device I use:

Do you remember studying the electromagnetic spectrum in science class when you were in high school? If not, I will refresh your memory. It is the range of frequencies of electromagnetic waves that exist in nature. And it is divided into bands or spectrums. The spectrum above visible light and microwaves is called infrared. The higher part of the band is infrared.

– It has been used for many years to keep babies warm in hospital nurseries.
– Our bodies emit FIR, so we have developed cameras that are able to spot people in the dark.
– FIR has also been used to treat chronic pain, arthritis, joint stiffness, and inflammation.
– Some people use it to promote better sleep and treat insomnia.
– It is known to enhance blood circulation in the skin, improves blood flow in internal organs, and supports cardiovascular health.

I can answer this from personal experience. I took medication prescribed by my doctor that that was a huge mistake. After two broken femurs, I started using a PEMF mat and my DEXA scans have improved. I also talked to my chiropractor who had the same experience. She showed me her DEXA scans and you can see the definite improvement. You can read my story here:

This is a question I can answer from personal experience. I have lived most of my life with chronic back pain. I have tried medical doctors, chiropractors and massage therapists to help me resolve my back pain. But none could help me. Then, I learned about PEMF therapy. This has made all the difference in the world. And, when my PEMF mat quit functioning for me a while back. I started noticing that my lower back started to hurt and my muscles were cramping again. Here is the PEMF mat that I use every day:

Stress is a normal part of life. It is how you body responds to circumstances around you. Some of the common causes of stress are:
– death of loved one
– financial problems
– uncertainty
– getting a divorce or your parents are getting a divorce
– getting married
– losing your job
– getting married
– having a baby
– discipline issues with child
– accident or some tragedy

You probably have heard some of the common ways to reduce stress such as:
– get more exercise
– reduce caffeine
– eliminate alcohol
– get a good night sleep
– don’t over-commit
– take time for yourself
– find a relaxation activity such as yoga

For many years I used a hot tub each night to help me relax and it was very effective. But, now I live in a condo and that is not possible. So, I found a new relaxation activity that works well for me. I have a PEMF chair device that I sit on each night before I go to bed. This PEMF device also has far-infrared therapy capability. It has been an amazing device that calms me down and helps me prepare for a good night’s sleep. Here is the device I use:

You may have heard some doctors or health professionals say that PEMF is a hoax. I think they just have not experienced it or are afraid of the unknown. There have been many studies that have proved that PEMF mats do actually work. Such the study “A randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical trial using a low-frequency magnetic field in the treatment of musculoskeletal chronic pain” conducted by several doctors from the University of Western Ontario. You can read the article here: In addition to the research many professionals have done, I can tell you from personal experience that PEFM mats do work. I have lived with chronic back pain for most of my life. I have tried many treatments all of which have not helped me until I started PEMF therapy. I found that it relieves my muscle spasms and stiffness. And my pain has subsided. I use a PEMF mat with FIR therapy every day and if I miss a day, I start feeling the stiffness and pain creeping back. Here is the PEMF mat that I use:
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