Perfect PEMF

Perfect PEMF

Medical Research – PEMF and Depression

Influence of electro-magnetic fields on the emotional behavior of rats, 2000
Semenova TP, Medvinskaia NI, Bliskovka GI, Akoev IG. Institute of Cell Biophysics, Russian Academy of Sciences, Pushchino, Moscow region, Russia

Combining high and low frequencies in rTMS antidepressive treatment: preliminary results, 2002
Conca A, Di Pauli J, Beraus W, Hausmann A, Peschina W, Schneider H, Konig P, Hinterhuber H. Departments of Psychiatry I and II, Regional Hospital, Rankweil, Austria

Effect of Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Fields (PEMF) on late-phase osteotomy gap healing in a canine tibial model, 2002
Inoue N, Ohnishi I, Chen D, Deitz LW, Schwardt JD, Chao EY. Department of Orthopaedic Surgery, The Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD, USA

Autoradiographic evaluation of electromagnetic field effects on serotonin (5HT1A) receptors in rat brain, 2003
Johnson MT, McCullough J, Nindl G, Chamberlain JK. Terre Haute Center for Medical Education, Indiana University School of Medicine, Terre Haute, IN, USA

The Pharmacopsychometric Triangle to Illustrate the Effectiveness of T-PEMF Concomitant with Antidepressants in Treatment Resistant Patients: A Double-Blind, Randomised, Sham-Controlled Trial Revisited with Focus on the Patient-Reported Outcomes, 2011
P. Bech, M. Gefke, M. Lunde, L. Lauritzen and K. Martiny, Psychiatric Research Unit, Frederiksborg General Hospital, 3400 Hillerød, Denmark and Mental Health Research Unit, Psychiatric Centre, 2100 Copenhagen Ø, Denmark – Depression research, 2011 –

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