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HigherDose PEMF Mat Review

Who is HigherDose?

f you are like me, you are seeing ads and articles about HigherDose (HD) PEMF mats. But honestly, I didn’t know they existed before the fall of 2022. So, I decided to find out who they are. Here is what I found.

HigherDose is a wellness company that provides therapies to help people feel their best. Their product is a PEMF Mat, a combination of far infrared heat, negative ion therapy, crystal therapy, and PEMF therapy.

Their website really doesn’t tell us much about the company other than the fact that it was two females named Lauren and Katie. And that they are biohackers, which is do-it-yourself biology. The address they list on their website is for a room in a hotel in New York. It looks like it may be a retail spa space, where clients can book 20 minute on the mat sessions.

Their domain name was registered 7 years ago but it looks like most of the content was written in 2019 and later. The DOSE in their name stands for Dopamine, Oxytocin, Serotonin, and Endorphins. Lauren is a wellness coach and Katie is a former investment banker.

It looks like their primary business is renting therapy sessions on their infrared saunas. At one time they had 11 retail locations, but currently, they have one.

From their marketing literature and their background, it looks like they are targeting SPA-type clients that are looking to improve their mood, reduce stress, and increase energy levels. Most of their clients probably have not heard of PEMF therapy, so they are not concerned with the technical details such as PEMF energy intensity level.

The Mat and Controller

They have two infrared mats on the market, a full-size mat and a Go Mat which can be used on a chair. If you have read other reviews that I have done, you know that I really like the smaller mats that fit on a chair. I like it because I think it is convenient enough that people will really use it. The full-size mat is the same size as a yoga mat. They do have a sauna blanket product in addition to the mats.
The full-size mat contains 4 PEMF coils and operates at 4 frequency levels from 3 to 23 HZ which are advertised as healing frequencies. The controller is quite simple, an on/off switch, a round temperature dial, a PEMF button, a frequency button, and a negative ION button. But there is no LED digital display.

The specifications state the heaters run 0.2 to 0.8 milligaussBut they do not specify what the intensity or energy levels of the PEMF device is. That is an important spec to leave off.
They have a 30-day return policy with a $40 restocking fee for unopen products. But you cannot return it if you open it.
There is a 1-year warranty on the mat and controller. Their mat looks like a mat made in China by LanYuXuan company and sold under various names. I am guessing they are selling that mat or something similar. I am fairly sure they are not the designer and manufacturer of the mats.

What’s So Special About the HigherDose Mat?

The HD mat does have pulsed electromagnetic field therapy capability as well as Far Infrared, negative ION, and, hot stone. Which is much better than many of the mats on the market, such as the expensive Bemer mat.

The price is on the low end of infrared mats on the market. It is very comparable with the Healthyline mats. And also have negative ION capability which the Bemer does not.

My concern is if you are looking to send electromagnetic waves throughout your body to treat some chronic pain. And you are thinking that it name meant a higher intensity electromagnetic field. Which it is probably not.

I think that HD company is a great marketing company and they have the ability to get their name out there and have articles in major publications written about them. And they are getting the word out there that infrared head and PEMF therapy is a good treatment for better relaxation, muscle recovery, and reduced inflammation.

How Do You Use the HigherDose Infrared Mat?

This infrared PEMF mat and Go Mat should be used like most other infrared PEMF mats. Twenty-minute sessions lying on the mat at least once a day is a PEMF session that is a good plan to improve your health and well-being. You can adjust the heat setting to your comfort.  Each of the frequency settings is similar to what you would find in nature. Any of the settings will promote healing. The longer you use the mat to provide a deeper dose.  And when you have The PEMF and infrared as well as negative and the heat doubles your dose.

The Go mat is an excellent option, it enables regular use while working on your computer or watching tv. In all the research I have done, there are no side effects and there is no maximum time of having electromagnetic waves through your body.

Where HigherDose Rates?

We will compare HD with one of the higher-priced PEMF devices and one of the lower-priced infrared heat and PEMF devices.

HigherDose compared to Bemer Mat

This mat is much cheaper than the Bemer mat. The HD is $1,095 and the Bemer is $4,290. That is a huge difference in price. Next, we will look at the number of therapies each has. The Bemer is a mat with PEMF but no other therapies. HigherDose has PEMF, infrared, negative ION, and hot gemstone therapies. Bemer is a low-powered PEMF device. But HigherDose does not disclose its intensity. If it was high-powered, they probably would disclose it because it would be an advantage. If I had to guess, I would guess that HigherDose is a low-powered device too. The Bemer has a 3-year warranty on the mat and 1/2 year warranty on the controller. The HD  has a one-year warranty.

Overall, I think HD is a much better mat to buy.

HigherDose Compared to HealthlyLine PEMF Mats

These are both infrared devices. With HigherDose you have a choice of two mats. But with Healthyline you have many models to choose from. The HD full-size mat weighs 43 pounds and has about 20 pounds of healing amethyst and tourmaline crystals sewn into the fabric. With the Heathlyline mats, you have the choice of precious gems. But one model has purple amethyst, tourmaline, obsidian, jade, and quartz. In addition, Healthyline offers the option of Photon (red light) therapy. Healthyline has a better warranty and return policy. They are priced about the same. And HealthlyLine is a high-powered PEMF device that delivers PEMF at a higher level to the body to help treat chronic pain and other conditions.

Overall, I think HealthyLine is a much better mat to buy.

Higher Does
PEMF IntensityNo disclosed3 Gauss0.35 Gauss
Warranty1 year3 years on mat, 1/2 year on the controller and optonal 5 year1 year and optional 5 year
TherapiesPEMF, Nee ION, Far Infrared, Hot GemPEMF, photon/red light, negative ion, Far Infrared, heatPEMF
Note: HealthlyLine has many models to choose from.

My Honest Thoughts on the HigherDose Infrared Mat

In this PEMF mat review, I compared it with the high-priced Bemer.  Both have PEMF technology that would be good to treat muscle recovery, deep relaxation, increase circulation, and better sleep.  The HD would be a much better choice because is less expensive. If I was going to purchase one, I would choose the higherdose infrared PEMF Go mat.

But if you are looking for a mat to benefit of PEMF such as the ability to ease chronic pain, improve the recovery process, and relieve symptoms of more critical illnesses, then you need to look at a Healthyline mat or something similar. It has a combination of infrared heat and very intense PEMF settings that allow electromagnetic waves to penetrate the body.

I use the Healthyline chair mat to ease chronic pain and realize other potential benefits such as improving bone density. And have found that PEMF, amethyst crystals. and heat therapy 1 to 4 times a week is reducing stress levels and improving my energy level. I highly recommend it.

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