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Perfect PEMF

Can PEMF Therapy Help Reduce The Effects of Stress

The human body is a complex module as a whole and it reacts to every situation being encountered. Stress and a few other scientific terms stand for those reactions.

Whether you experience an environment that is good or bad, your body will respond emotionally, physically and mentally.

Let’s dig more and find out what exactly stress is and how you can reduce stress:

What is Stress?

Scientifically, stress is the body’s reaction to any change that requires a response or adjustment. Our body reacts to these changes with physical, mental, and emotional responses.

With the definition in mind, the fact is that stress is a normal part of body functioning and the external factors are responsible for your body, and your thoughts.

Concluding the introduction in this way that even a positive change in your life can be concluded as stress like a promotion, a mortgage, or the birth of a child all elevate stress levels.

How to Reduce Stress?

Stress is natural but if it goes for long, a number of medications are available. You have to look out for the food you intake, have more physical work, get more sleep, try relaxation techniques, and manage your time to do things inflow.

Here are five strategies to reduce the stress of which the PEMF is of great value:

#1. Develop a positive attitude

Great things happen only when you are ready for it!

To reduce stress, the first thing is to develop a positive attitude. Have the best of your positivity along, and accept that you can’t control a lot of events in your life. All you need is to move along and good things will come your way.

A positive attitude and mindset is what you require to get started:

#2. Meditation

With a positive mindset, you develop positive thoughts and when it comes to physical fitness, you have to learn and practice yoga, meditation, or tai-chi.

These practices keep your body in position and make sure that each reaction is full of maturity and has no serious consequences later on.

#3. Stop the Alcohol, Nicotine, and Caffeine

This is crucial, to avoid Alcohol, Nicotine, and Caffeine as these are responsible for irregular behaviors within the body.

The greater your intake any of these, the more negative effects will be there. Alcohol, for instance, is a depressant when taken in large quantities but acts as a stimulant in smaller quantities. This way, using any of them as a way to alleviate stress is not ultimately helpful.

Using PEMF Mat For Stress Reduction

Here comes the real strategy, the only way that has evergreen benefits for the body and mind; PEMF (Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Fields) is a soothing and energetic modality that can help people across the wellness spectrum and stimulate the overall body function to energize all aspects of stress patient’s life.

PEMF therapy uses bursts of low-level electromagnetic radiation to heal damaged tissues, and bones and relieve injury-related pain. Also, it stimulates organs and has specific frequencies that are different for everybody so that you can have the best healing reaction possible.

Here are a number of benefits you receive when you make use of PEMF therapy:

#1. Improved Brain Function

First things first, it helps the brain function in an improved pattern which eventually improves focus.

The therapy stimulates your brain muscles and the mobility helps in building a better focus later on. You feel energized and focused correctly! 

#2. Relaxation and Sleep

With PEMF therapy, your cells are energized and you can sleep in a relaxing and sound pattern. You start to relax more which eventually contributes to less stress and improved overall health.

#3. Maximize Bone and Joint Health

What studies suggest is that if no care is taken for bone and joint health, the stress continues for an extended time.

Many patients have experienced pain relief and bone strength after the PEMF therapy. Living an active and pain-free lifestyle is what the therapy talks about.

How does PEMF Mat Work?

We already discussed that low-level electromagnetic radiation is used to heal damaged tissues and bone, relieve injury-related pain, and even stimulate organs.

The main context is that the low frequencies will pass through the skull and penetrate through bones, tendons, muscles, and even organs making sure that the cell’s energy is activated and encouraging natural repair mechanisms.

It is now becoming a non-invasive way to approach injuries, chronic conditions like depression, stress and diabetes, and chronic pain. Read does PEMF work?

In conclusion, PEMF works on pure physics principles; ensuring that low-level electromagnetic radiations are there that have no negative effects on the muscles, cells, and bones.

Using pads, rings and paddles externally can also help lower the penetration and ensure precision when those waves pass. That’s it, this is how electromagnetic waves cure much hassle!

FAQS – Frequently Asked Questions
What types of conditions can PEMF treat?

It can cure conditions like diabetes, bone weakness, stress, depression, etc. You can find many more here: PEMF Medical Research

What it cost to have a PEMF treatment?

The charges may vary depending on the clinic you choose. But if you are going for a dedicated home system, we have a variety of systems ranging from $350 to $14,000 and well beyond (depending on the functionality).

Who can use PEMF?

Well, anybody from the very young to the elderly can use PEMF therapy/map and there are no negative side effects. The only limitations are for those individuals who are using insulin pumps, have a pregnancy, or use pacemakers, electrical implants, or insulin pumps.

How long a usual treatment last?

The usual session lasts for about 10 mins and it depends on the strength of the device/system you’re using.

At what frequency do the waves penetrate?

Waves frequency varies from 1 to 200 pulses per minute.

Is there any pain being felt during the PEMF treatment?

Nope, no pain is felt during the treatment. However, the patients will feel the pulsing of magnetic current during treatment.

How many times a day PEMF therapy can be used?

Consulting your doctor is the way to go. However, it is advisable to perform cycles of 45-90 days with a 3-hours minimum duration per day.

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