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Top PEMF Mat Brands

BioBalance mats are manufactured in Germany and sold in the US out of a city in Maryland. It is a relatively new player in the market. It is sold primarily online. It has a decent amount of power (intensity). and it is priced competitively. It only provides PEMF therapy whereas some of the other mats on the market have multiple therapies. For that reason, it would not be my top pick. You can find a more detailed review here: BioBalance Review


The Bemer Mat is a typical PEMF full-body device that has been in popularity in recent years. Like most other mats it is a therapeutic mat that applies pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) therapy to the body. You will often find them in chiropractor offices. Because they are one of Bemers target markets. They use a multi-level marketing program. Because of the multiple levels of markup, the price of a Bemer is quite a bit higher than most other mats. And if you look at the specs, its intensity is on the low end of the spectrum. They make a big deal for the waveform. They say they have the best waveform. But many experts say that it doesn’t matter. 

For these reasons, I would put Bermer at the bottom of my list if I was looking to buy a PEMF machine or PEMF device.  You can find more details here

OMI PAD PEMF Therapy Mat

The OMI Pad mat is made in the US by Oxford Medical Instruments. It is sold online on their website and also on Amazon. It is not as popular a brand name as Bemer, but it is a good device that is priced competitively with the other mat on the market. It produces a low intensity. But it has a competitive warranty and return policy. It is another full-body mat that only has PEMF therapy. I would put it near the middle of my list.

iMRS 2000

The iMRS 200 mats are made in Switzerland. Similar to the Bemer, it is sold via a multi-level marketing program. Hence, it has a much higher price than other mats on the market. The warranty and return policy are subpar also. It has only one therapy. And I would put it near the bottom of my list. You can read a full review here: iMRS PEMF review

HealthyLine PEMF Mat

The HealthyLine mats are at the top of my list of best PEMF devices. They do not have one or two models to choose from like most of the PEMF therapy devices on this list. They have a lot of models to choose from. More than any manufacturer I have found. I counted and they have over 100 different mats to choose from. They are like a PEMF superstore.

And they have multiple therapies on most of their mats. Such as Negative ION, Hot Gem Stone (semi-precious stones), and Far Infrared therapies. This will give immediate pain reduction. You can feel the device work. Whereas with other mats you cannot immediately tell if the magnetic field is helping.

In addition, they are probably the best-priced that I have found. And have the best warranty.

This is the mat that I chose for myself and have been using for over 4 years. I highly recommend these mats. It is at the top of my list. You can read more here: HealthyLine Review

EarthPulse v5 Pro Sleep System

Now, EarthPulse is a totally different type of device. It is not a mat. It is designed to fit under the mattress of your bed. And it is primarily to help you sleep better. It is fairly priced and has plenty of power. It is designed for you to use all night.  If you are just needing something to help you get a better night’s sleep, this device might be a good fit for you. Otherwise, if you are looking for benefits of overall health or treat certain areas of the body, such as bone healing or pain relief, I think one of the other mats would be a better choice. Here is a more detailed review: EarthPulse Review


Is a fairly common full body that is fairly similar to the Omi mat. It does not have far infrared ray therapy, just pulsed electromagnetic therapy. The price is kind of middle of the road. Its intensity is very low like the Bemer and Omni Pad. There is nothing outstanding about this mat, I would put it near the bottom of my list. You can read more details in this Medithera PEMF Mat Review.

Vasindux Pro+ PEMF Mat

This is a full body mat like many other PEMF units I have reviewed here. I think they are a relative newcomer to pemf.  It is priced in the middle of the field. The magnetic field intensity is good. The price is in the middle of the pack. And the warranty is reasonable. You can see how it compares to other pemf brands here. The mat controller has lots of options such as higher frequency settings, control of magnetic energy, waveform, and time settings. IIt also allows you to use high frequencies. This may be an advantage or disadvantage, just depends on how you are with technology. You can compare it with my list of best pemf machines to find the best fit for you. PEMF Reviews

QRS Purewave

If you have been looking at pemf devices, you probably have come across the QRS. It is one of the higher price pemf devices available. And the natural magnetic field intensity is really low. It is priced on the high end of the market putting this near the bottom of my list.


If you are looking for an investment in your health, it is important to choose a device that helps meet your wellness goals. I recommend a pemf product that produces at least 1 gauss. And that uses multiple therapies which are used to treat your body at the cellular level. Stay away from the mats sold using multi-level marketing such as the Bemer Therapy mat. I think a fir mat with higher intensity PEMF device is better. It is like using a heating mat, you instantly feel the heat therapy working. I have reviews of pemf mats and devices also that you can find here. Reviews of PEMF

I wish you luck in treating your body by use of electromagnetic fields. I use a PEMF device every day, it improves my energy levels, helps me sleep better, reduces chronic pain, other benefits of pemf. If you would to see the mat I use, you can read about it here. Find the Best PEMF

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