Perfect PEMF

Perfect PEMF

Pure Wave

Pure Wave PEMF Mat is a luxury PEMF device. It has an intensity of  0.4 gauss. It has a synchronized multi-frequence waveform with a frequency range from .01 to 10,000 Hz. One of the largest frequency ranges on the market today.

It was designed by Tori Green who has been in the medical device industry for over 25 years. She developed this device because of a debilitating thyroid condition she got. Disappointed with the medical devices she found on the market to treat her condition and other health and well-being conditions, she set out to fill the gap.

This is a quality mat that restores cell function. restore energy, improve sleep, increase well-being, and help you focus better.



Product Details:
  • Size: Full-size mat
  • Weight: not listed
  • Intensity: 0.4 Gauss
  • 3-Year Warranty


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