Perfect PEMF

Perfect PEMF

Ereada Compact

Ereada Compact is NOT a PEMF device. It has far infrared therapy only.

For that reason, I do not recommend this mat.

Price ***********

Warranty ***


Return Policy *****

Therapies  *


If you are looking to spend this amount on a therapy mat, I suggest that you look at the HealthyLine Taj 7224 – Perfect PEMF

It has 4 therapies and is about the same price.


Potential benefits include:

Improved blood circulation and oxygen delivery

Reduced inflammation and pain

Enhanced cellular repair and regeneration

Increased energy and vitality

Better sleep quality and mood

Product Details:
  • Size: 23.22″ x 9.44″ x 0.39″
  • Weight: 33.06 lbs
  • Intensity: 180W
  • 2-Years Warranty


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