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Perfect PEMF

AMP Coil

AMP Coil is a PEMF and sound therapy device that offers a variety of programs and settings to suit your needs and preferences. It has a modified Tesla coil that delivers sound and PEMF waves tuned to your chosen resonant frequencies. It has a biofeedback voice analysis that identifies and neutralizes harmful microbes, toxins, and stressors. It is a great way to improve your health and wellness at home.


Potential benefits include:

It can help balance the body, recover the nervous system, and charge the cells by using resonant frequencies that match the body’s natural vibration.

It can help with pain relief, inflammation, circulation, wound healing, bone density, sleep quality, mood, and more by enhancing cellular function, energy production, oxygen delivery, and nutrient uptake

It can help support the body’s natural healing and regeneration processes by using biofeedback voice analysis to identify and neutralize harmful microbes, toxins, and stressors

It can help balance the autonomic nervous system and create physiological coherence by using sound waves that synchronize the brain and heart rhythms

It can help protect the body from harmful electromagnetic environmental stress by using a modified Tesla coil that does not emit harmful EMFs

Product Details:
  • Size: 15″ x 15″ x 0.9″
  • Weight: 7.93 lbs
  • Intensity: 10 VA
  • AmpCoil PEMF has a 12-month warranty
  • The warranty does not cover damages
  • We will repair or replace the defective device within 10 days


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