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Healthy Wave Mat Reviews

Healthy Wave Mat Reviews:

Healthy Wave products seem similar to HealthyLine. That is because Healthy Wave is a re-seller of HealthyLine products. and several other 

3 star rated PEMF Device


Healthy Wave PEMF Mat Description

The Healthy Wave mats are very different for most other PEMF mat for sale. This not just PEMF a machine. They use precious stones such as jade, amethyst, obsidian, and tourmaline. When these stones are heated they emit far-infrared rays (fir). These rays can penetrate your body up to three inches. It is like using a very high-end heating pad. But, the combination of FIR and PEMF is so much more effective. You can find more information on the benefits of far-infrared rays here.

Healthy Wave has a full line of product, unlike most any other PEMF manufacturer. They have many sizes of mats. From small mats to full-size mats of various sizes. The full-size mats range for 60″x24″ up to king-size bed size. And my favorite, a chair PEMF mat. In addition, these various sized mats come in a variety of GEM stone combinations.

Their PEMF mats have much more intensity than the high priced Bemer.

 Healthy Wave Corporate Information

There is no company information about the Healthy Wave company on its website. I discovered that their website is registered to Innovative Ionizing Technologies Inc. They are located in British Columbia, Canada. And they have three other websites;,, and, The owner is Nathan Barninoff. They specialize in health-related products.

Many of their competitors have one or two models. But Healthy Wave has a large line of PEMF and therapy mats. They have over 50 products to choose from.

Their mats manufactured by HealthyLine combining different technologies, such as infrared (FIR), pulsed electromagnetic field therapy (PEMF), negative ions, photon light, and magnetic therapy. They are priced low compared to some of the other manufacturers.

Healthy Wave Sales Model

They are a reseller of HealthyLink products and several other manufactures. It is not an MLM sales model, which in my opinion is good.

 Healthy Wave Marketing Message

The market message is primarily about far infrared heat therapy. And they also mention the health benefits of PEMF and FIR similar to most other vendors.

Healthy Wave Recommended Therapy Time:

The recommended therapy is at least 20 minutes once a day.

Healthy Wave PEMF Intensity:

This mat is a high-intensity PEMF device. The maximum intensity is 3 gauss. The Bemer PEMF is rated at .35 gauss. Therefore, it almost 1000 times more powerful than the Bemer.

Healthy Wave Models and Prices

There are too many models to list here. They start at $159 and the most expensive is $2,479. A full-size PEMF mat is only $999 which is one of the best-priced mats on the market.

Healthy Wave Warranty and Trial Policy

This PEMF machine has a 1-year warranty.

My only concern, since they are not the manufactures of the mats so, they don’t really control the warranty. It would probably be better to deal with the manufacture directly.

They have a great return policy. And the merchandise can be returned up to 45 days after the purchase.


These PEMF units are high powered compared to many models. And they are low priced. In addition, you get more than just a PEMF device, they offer far-infrared and negative Ion capability also. And, their products are the Healthy Line product line. That is why I would recommend purchasing from Healthy Line because it is a US-based company and Healthy Wave is a Canadian company.

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