Perfect PEMF

Perfect PEMF

iMRS 2000 PEMF Comparison to HealthyLine TAJ 7224

In this article, I will review a popular PEMF mat and compare it to Healthy Line one of the most cost-effective mats on the market today.

IMRS Omnium1
HealthyLine TAO 7224
Warranty1-year1 year, optional 5 years $157.35, 90-day price guarantee
Trialno trials45 days
PEMF Therapy (Gauss).009 – .0703
Far Infrared TherapyNoYes
Hot Stone TherapyNoYes
Negative Ion TherapyNoYes
Red Light TherapyNoYes
Wave FornSquareSine
iMRS is a well-known manufacturer of PEMF Mats and the price is on the high side and it is very low powered.

iMRS 2000:

  • 3 time the price
  • 1/42 the power (PEMF Gauss)
  • 4 fewer therapies
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