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Haelo PEMF Review


The HAELO PEMF device advertised is a cutting-edge technology designed to enhance recovery, performance, and overall wellness through Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) therapy. By simply pressing a button, this innovative device delivers a unique blend of frequencies that stimulate and recharge the body’s cells. PEMF therapy, supported by over 10,000 published studies, works like recharging the batteries of your body’s cells to promote cellular health and function. HAELO aims to improve recovery, boost energy levels, and enhance overall well-being by harnessing the power of symphonic sound waves in quick and convenient sessions.


The HAELO system comprises several components:

Console: The console mixes, synthesizes, and transmits the chosen Frequency Set to the HAELO coil.
Coil: The coil emits a 6ft. pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) around the body, delivering the Frequency Sets’ sound frequencies directly to the cells.
App: The user-friendly app controls the HAELO device, enabling users to select desired Frequency Sets and start sessions with ease.
Frequency Sets: HAELO offers various custom programs that blend a range of frequencies to target specific areas like recovery, performance, and overall wellness. Users can choose from different Frequency Sets based on their needs and preferences.

It is very different for many of the PEMF devices, it is not a mat but a coil that can be placed anyplace on your body. It weighs 5.5 pounds. and has a 6-foot cord. A PEMF mat typically has several coils to cover the whole body at once, This device has only one coil and is used to target an area.

The manufacturer claims that the key feature is its utilization of symphonic sound waves technology, which mimics the harmonious frequencies found in nature, delivering a balanced and harmonized “symphony” of frequencies to the body. Unlike traditional PEMF devices that emit single frequencies, HAELO offers a more holistic approach by delivering a spectrum of frequencies simultaneously, enhancing the overall effectiveness of the therapy.

In my research, many experts feel that the waveform is not an important factor in the effectiveness of the PEMF device. Many medical researchers choose a simple waveform such as a s square wave.

The intensity of the HAELO device is not explicitly mentioned on their website. That is curious to me because it is one of the main factors in determining the effectiveness of a PEMF device.


The benefits of using the HAELO device mentioned in their product literature are multifaceted and cater to various aspects of well-being, recovery, and performance. Here is a breakdown of the benefits based on the provided sources:

Improved Recovery:
HAELO aids in faster muscle recovery, reduces soreness, and decreases inflammation, crucial for athletes and individuals seeking quick recuperation
The device supports a quick and complete recovery, enabling users to resume their routines effectively and meet personal goals
Enhanced Cellular Health and Function:
By stimulating the body’s natural recovery processes through improved microcirculation, cellular oxygenation, and cell function, HAELO promotes optimal cellular health and function
The proprietary technology of HAELO works on the cellular level, offering a holistic approach to enhancing cellular health and overall well-being
Better Sleep Quality:
Users of HAELO have reported experiencing deeper sleep, indicating an improvement in sleep quality and overall restfulness
PEMF therapy provided by HAELO has been associated with better sleep patterns and reduced insomnia, contributing to overall wellness
Increased Energy Levels:
HAELO helps optimize energy levels by focusing on energy-driving settings and supporting recovery/rest settings as needed, leading to increased vitality and alertness
Users have noted feeling more energized and refreshed after incorporating HAELO into their daily routines, enhancing their overall energy levels
Overall Wellness:
The holistic approach of HAELO addresses various aspects of well-being, including mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual recovery for athletes and individuals seeking balance in their lives
Programs like the Calm frequency set offered by HAELO help soothe the mind and promote emotional well-being, contributing to an overall sense of wellness

In conclusion, the benefits of using HAELO extend beyond physical recovery to encompass cellular health, sleep quality, energy levels, and overall wellness. The device’s ability to target multiple aspects of health makes it a valuable tool for individuals looking to optimize their performance and enhance their quality of life.

This is very similar to what all PEMF vendors mention in their marketing materials. Most PEMF devices will indeed deliver some of the same benefits. We usually use the intensity of the device to determine how effective it would be compared to other models. The fact that they omit that specification makes it hard to estimate how effective it will be.

Price and Warranty

The price of the HAELO PEMF devices is $3,297 which is on the high side similar to a Bemer which includes a mat as well as a coil. And three times the price of a HealthyLine mat.  

The warranty included is 2 years. But you can buy a 3 and 4-year warranty.


The Haelo is priced on the high side of most devices that I have reviewed. And the warranty is a little bit better than an average mat. They market it as a game-changing device that gives speedier recoveries, better performance, reduced muscle tension, and promotes consistent optimal health. I am not really impressed with the device. I think I would purchase a Healthyline for less than 1/2 the price.

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