Perfect PEMF

Perfect PEMF

Best PEMF Mats For Home Use

Here are my recommendations for the best pulsed electro-magnet field therapy mat to puchase for home use.

HealthyLine TAO-Mat® Chair 4018 Firm PEMF InfraMat Pro®

pemf chair

$549 list price

But if you use discount code the price is


Discount Code – lp10s


*** 90-Day Price Guarantee

*** 90-Day Free Trial

Lifetime Upgrade and Trade-in


healthlyline tao chair

The TAO Chair is a revolutionary PEMF MAT that not only provides exceptional comfort but also delivers a comprehensive wellness experience. With a predetermined bend in the middle, this chair sits upright easily in 99% of chair types, ensuring a perfect fit for your workspace or home.

Integrated Wellness Technologies

The TAO Chair goes beyond just providing a comfortable seating experience. It incorporates four natural therapies that work together to promote your overall well-being:

  1. Far-Infrared Radiation (FIR): The chair’s design harnesses the power of FIR, which has been shown to improve blood circulation, reduce muscle tension, and alleviate pain.
  2. Negative Ions: The TAO Chair generates negative ions, which can help purify the air, reduce stress, and improve respiratory function.
  3. Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF): This technology stimulates cellular function, enhancing the body’s natural healing processes and reducing inflammation.
  4. Hot Stone Therapy: The chair’s integrated heating elements provide a soothing and therapeutic hot stone massage experience, helping to relax muscles and relieve tension.


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