Perfect PEMF

Perfect PEMF

Bemer PEMF Comparison to BioBalance PEMF Mat

In this article, I will review one of the best know PEMF mats and compare it to a less-known pulsed electromagnetic field therapy mat on the market today.

Bemer PEMF
Warranty3 years, 6 mo on the controller1-year mat, 2-year on the controller
Trial30 return less 10% re-stocking fee30 return $250 fee
PEMF Therapy (Gauss)0.035 – 0.3510
Far Infrared TherapyNoNo
Hot Stone TherapyNoNo
Negative Ion TherapyNoNo
Red Light TherapyNoNo
Wave FornModified sine waveSquare
Bemer is a well-known manufacturer of PEMF Mats but they are super expensive. Less powerful.

Bemer Start Set is:

  • 2 times the price
  • 1/28 the power (PEMF Gauss)
  • the same number of therapies

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